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God damn hypocrites

A bunch of big-name bloggers are really upset on Gizmodo for knowingly buying a stolen prototype of the upcoming iPhone model. Yeah, it’s against the law. Yeah, the founder should’ve given it straight back to the bartender/owner/etc. But still, I’m guessing that ANYONE even REMOTELY interested in new Apple products, when given a chance to look at the new prototype, would do ANYTHING to get a look. Maybe they wouldn’t blog about it, but they sure as hell would still brag their brains off about it to anyone who would listen. “Oh, so you have a new iPhone prototype? Don’t tell me anything about it, I don’t even want to have a glimpse of it, post it to Cupertino at once, you bad, bad man!”

And, even if they’re now saying that Gizmodo was stupid/evil/criminal (of course they were) and that they knew it was illegally purchased from the first moment they read the headlines, I’m 150% sure that every single one of those hypocrite bloggers got their magnifying glasses on and examined the report and each photo with the same excitement as a 13-year old boy who finds his first porn mag in the dumpster.

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