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Portfolio — Stuff I've done.


Here's a small collection of my work from the latest years. Besides these projects I've done a bunch of other cases for different clients, such as ActiveArk and Prepress.


The Speculator, a tool for checking out different outcomes in WCT surfing events. I made it with Ember.js and Twitter Bootstrap.

Online stores:

Micmac.fi, Tamrex.fi, Suomenurheiluaitta.fi, Horce.fi, MC-Sport.fi, Toimistotarvikkeet.com

Lately the main focus of my work have been online stores. All the stores I've built are based on different CloverShop products, but all have been more or less heavily modified to suit the customers needs better. The improvements include a single-page ordering system (AJAX-based), search engine optimization, a translation system for unlimited languages and a 2-way interface between the shop and a online financial management system. The four first shops mentioned were designed by Malinen Design and the last two by the customers themselves.

TiiEtTii.fi »

A basic Wordpress-based site for a construction company. I created a custom theme (based on Toolbox) that responses to different screen widths and added / customized a few plugins so that the site works smoothly. Designed by Malinen Design.

Ajoneuvotukku.fi »

Wordpress-based site for a used car dealership. Made the theme and added an automatically updating interface to a Finnish car database (Netwheels.fi) to fetch the dealerships car data on the site. Designed by Malinen Design.

Joulukalenterit.fi »

One of my oldest friends and I created this nice site that allows people to create their own christmas calendars, edit them as they will and publish them on their site. Lots of good features for a nice price. I did all the coding from the Javascript-based calendar editor to html/css/js and of course the back-end (php).

Tavaratila.fi »

A website for a storage rental company near Tampere, Finland. A basic site with an AJAX-based online reservation system and a really nice admin panel (too bad you can't see it). Designed by Malinen Design.

Safiiri.com »

I did all of the Flash coding (AS3, Papervision3D, SwfAddress) for a photography / make-up site. Vylliwood created all the visuals.

ZamuelHube.com »

A fun site for a Finnish surrealistic artist Zamuel Hube. The idea of an own art gallery was brought to life with ActionScript 3, Papervision3D & SWFAddress. The visuals were designed by me and the artist himself.

StadinPartsarit.net »

Website for a Helsinki-based veteran biker association Stadin Pärtsärit. If Finnish isn't your native language and can pronounce the name correctly, I'll buy you a beer! The site was designed by Tero @ Malinen Design, and I converted it into xhtml/css. I also made them a senior citizen -proof CMS.

Knoy.com »

Website for an all-around company that has a simple but efficient, fully customized CMS. Malinen Design provided the layout.

Own projects

Rollaattori II »

Me and a couple of friends made a skateboarding video and decided to publish it on the web. I did some filming, some editing and made a flash site to show it off.

Kimppakyyti »

A Facebook app for organizing carpools in Finland.

Problemo »

A Facebook app for asking advice from your friends.